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Main Features of our Emissions chassis dynamometer

A Robot driver is also available to complement this chassis dynamometer to assist with repeatable results.


48″ roll with either independent or center-mounted (MIM) AC motor

Compliant with EPA, EURO III, IV, V and VI legislative emissions test requirements

High accuracy and repeatability with fast response inertia simulation

Clean power IGBT AC drive technology


Clean power IGBT AC drive technology

Thermally stabilized load measurement system

Twin encoders for increased accuracy

Real-time control processor and separate Graphical User Interface PC using Beckhoff I/O & EtherCat hardware platform


Automated dynamometer performance testing routines

Above floor or secondary loadcell calibration

4×2 and 4×4 configurations


4×4 independent systems for Hybrid or e-Drive Vehicle testing

Robust design for the long and trouble-free operational life

Low maintenance and lifecycle costs



· Vehicle exhaust emissions testing

· Fuel economy testing

· Climatic and environmental testing

· Vehicle road load simulation for customer test requirements

· Performance Testing



· Robot driver (Integrated or Stand-Alone Robot driver)

· v-Driver

· 2WD, 4WD or 4×4 Independent configurations

· 2WD upgradeable to 4WD

· High speed version up to 300 km/h

· Increased power/force options (240kW/10,000N)

· Climatic (typically -40°C to +60°C) design with climatically exposed or insulated pit options

· Driver’s Aid monitor or laptop

· Automatic ‘vehicle centering and lift’ systems

· Automated wheel guards/roll covers

· AK or ASAM communication links to test-cell host or emission gas analysis equipment

· Test facility host computer system

· Data acquisition with powerful graphical presentation and analysis package

· Vehicle cooling fan up to EURO 6 compatible

· Drivers handset

· Various standards including UL, BV, and CNOMO


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