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Main Features of our MILEAGE & PERFORMANCE chassis dynamometer

Various AC motor and roll configurations are available, either in-line or center-mounted (MIM) and independent. Inertia simulation ranges cover motorcycles to heavy-duty commercial up to military vehicles.


Automatic control for fully unattended testing

Powerful schedule generator

Compliant to US EPA and European cycle requirements


Low maintenance, high accuracy, and efficiency

Data acquisition and monitoring

Host file server and networking facility


TeSys supplies a range of Vehicle Test System products which are specifically designed for testing motorcycles, passenger cars, light to heavy-duty trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, military vehicles, and specific component subassemblies.

Applications are as varied as follows:

· Climatic test simulating extreme hot and cold operating conditions

· Low noise

· Gale force winds

· Prolonged high-speed operation ( > 300 km/hour )

· Condensed vehicle life tests ( > 100,000 miles )


Vehicles are taken from the production line at random or in a planned sequence for quality validation checks.


High-performance TeSys application software controls the dynamometer so that it simulates a full spectrum of road load scenarios. This enables specific tests to be performed under laboratory conditions. Typical system configurations include 4×2, 4×4 and “independent” roller dynamometers.

The unique ability of TeSys to engineer and integrate all of the devices into one complete test automation system realizes many features and benefits for the test engineer including: reduced interfaces and controllers, fully integrated control and data acquisition, synchronization of test cell subsystems (robot driver, automated fuel filling systems, airspeed simulation fan), automated drive cycle control and monitoring and effective integration of all the safety systems.

The core of the system is a comprehensive schedule generator function for creating, editing and executing the automated drive cycles. This utility in conjunction with the robot driver system provides a highly capable “real world” or regulatory simulation package with the human driving capability and fully automatic operation of all the vehicle functions.

Standard mileage accumulation cycles are pre-programmed and special and/or complex cycles are easily generated using the schedule generator or road gathered data functions.



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